How to Extend Business Beyond Christmas

If your business does well from the Christmas season, the new year onwards can come of something of a shock, with business petering out for the first quarter. However there are some ways in which you can continue to target the gift giving and celebratory markets.

One way is to target consumers celebrating birthdays instead. Birthdays take place all year, and can help generate business to avoid the post-Christmas lull.

For example businesses which benefit from a good celebration like bars, restaurants and nightclubs, can keep the party going by offering special birthday events.

Retailers which offer gifts or leisure businesses offering experiences can also benefit from targeting birthday celebrations, especially if the potential customers can also be targeted by age.

Selectabase offer a really easy and affordable way to extend business beyond Christmas by targeting birthdays. Their Birthday Mailings service lets you receive a monthly list of consumers who are about to celebrate a birthday. You can choose major birthdays to target, and then simply follow up your list each month with an offer or voucher.

Find out more at Birthday Mailings.