Latest UK Business Trends

Welcome to the October round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses in the UK.

Each month we bring you the latest trends amongst UK businesses and consumers, all drawn from the range of Selectabase direct marketing lists. According to the most recent month’s data we identified the following trends…


3,906 new business start ups were identified by New B2B. Beauty Salons were once again the most popular type of start up in the UK. Receive monthly lists of new start up and changing businesses in your industry or local area with New B2B. Visit New B2B opportunities for more info.

2,662,618 businesses were identified and listed in the Prospect Download Business database. Reach any selection of these businesses and carry out counts for free online.


108,731 consumers celebrated a milestone birthday according to Birthday Mailings. The most popular was a 21st with 19,694 people celebrating this age. Receive lists of local consumers about to celebrate a birthday with a subscription to Birthday Mailings.

86,147 consumers recently moved home in the UK. The top postcode for home movers was RG (Reading). Get details of home movers in your local area with Recently Moved.

33,587,104 individual consumers were identified and listed in the Prospect Download Consumer marketing database. Find lists of your target consumers online using a range of selection criteria.


16,943,590 UK individual telephone numbers are now registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), and 1,999,451 UK company numbers are registered with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). Organisations are, by law, obliged to screen their lists against these stop lists before calling. Visit Data Cleaning Enhancement Services for more info.

5,181,105 individuals are registered with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). Screen your data against the TPS, CTPS and MPS using our simple Easy Check application.

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