March 2012 Birthday Mailings Trends

Welcome to the March Birthday Mailings round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses in the UK.

Each month we bring you the latest trends amongst UK businesses and consumers, all drawn from the range of Selectabase direct marketing lists. According to the most recent month’s data we identified the following…

March 2012

This month Birthday Mailings from Selectabase identified 142,941 individuals who are celebrating a milestone birthday in March 2012. These individuals may be turning 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 65. The most popular birthday milestone was 21, with 23,779 individuals turning 21 in March 2012.

Why should businesses contact consumers on their birthday?

In the course of promoting our Birthday Mailings marketing leads, we are often asked why businesses should target their marketing to consumers on their birthday? The answer is that celebrating a birthday can trigger a range of opportunities for many different types of business: even when times are tough economically. So here we examine the science behind a birthday celebration.

There’s one time of year when consumers still spend money (no matter how tough the economy) and that’s when a birthday is celebrated. Businesses could well benefit from tapping into this extra spend.

Broadly speaking birthday spending falls into two different categories; self purchase and gift purchase:

Self Purchase Birthday Spending

  • The person celebrating the birthday will often spend a significant amount on pampering themselves with products and services such as hairdressing, fashion, clothing, accessories, beauty treatments and tanning.
  • Birthday celebrants can also make spending decisions on how and where they will celebrate their birthday creating opportunities for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, days out, venues, sports, outdoor activities and leisure activities.

Gift Purchase Birthday Spending

  • A birthday obviously triggers a gift-giving occasion with the typical circle of gift givers at an average of 6-8 people all looking to spend money.
  • Gift givers may look to spend on gifts of course but also jewellery, fashion, electricals, gourmet, florists and also day’s out and experiences.

Of course there can often be overlap between these two areas of spending, as the birthday celebrant will often drop ‘hints’ to those around them about what gifts they’d like and how they want to celebrate a birthday.

So the majority of these spending activities can be traced back to the person about to celebrate the birthday which leaves the question of how to identify them in good time?

This is where Birthday Mailings leads from Selectabase can help: subscribers can choose to receive full address details of consumers about to celebrate a birthday in their local postcode area. Leads can be filtered by gender and the age of the target market to just focus on key milestone birthdays such as a 21st or 40th. Visit now!