New Brides Subscription

One of them popped the question; the other said yes – and now brides-to-be are in the midst of a huge transition that involves wedding and honeymoon planning. They have much to do, much to buy, and a limited window of time in which to do it. New Brides enables businesses to connect with this lucrative market at a prime time.

New Brides benefits many industry sectors including hair and beauty businesses, restaurants, wedding dresses, suit hire, honeymoon travel, caterers, musicians, hen and stag services, department stores, jewellers, photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cakes, wedding cars, spa and salon services, hotels, credit cards, financial services (loans), fireworks, magazine subscriptions, gift services, and many more!

Selling to new brides-to-be with marketing lists from New Brides is a cost effective way to generate new sales from the lucrative wedding market.

The package offers a constant and easily manageable supply of new bride-to-be sales leads. Receive a monthly list of new brides-to-be from your chosen postcode areas, and ready to follow up by mail. Your bride-to-be leads include full contact details together with details of budget, number of guests, and wedding date.

New Brides subscriptions can be targeted geographically so you can receive sales leads from your local area or even different locations. To order, just visit New Brides or call us on 01304 383838.