Why do you need Birthday marketing?

The British spend an estimated £1.6 billion on celebrating birthdays according to research from Mint. We recently came across some statistics about birthdays in the UK previously published by Mint credit cards which aptly demonstrate just why businesses should be targeting consumers on their birthday.

People are in a celebratory mood on their birthday! Almost a third of people said they used it as an excuse to celebrate, which is good news for bars and restaurants. One in seven people plan their birthday party at least a month in advance. Almost a quarter of people buy a new outfit especially for their birthday.

A birthday creates a feel good factor and is an ideal time to promote your offer. They’ll spend MORE MONEY when they go out, they like to celebrate their special day with other people.

All this adds up to great opportunities for businesses such as gift or fashion retailers, leisure businesses, bars and restaurants. And these sectors can reach local people about to celebrate a birthday using our Birthday Mailings monthly lead service.

Birthday Mailings data tells you who is about to celebrate a birthday locally at least a month in advance, just when the research shows they are planning their celebration. Also, the data puts you in contact with the person celebrating, which is the person who typically spends the most on their event!

As an example, we identified over 24,000 consumers celebrating their 21st birthday in March, out of a total of over 157,000 milestone birthdays (such as 30th, 40th and so on). The Birthday Mailings service is tailored to provides these leads for your chosen postcode area.

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