What is a Mailing List?

Broadly speaking, a mailing list is a list of contacts used for the purpose of sending marketing material. Traditionally, this was by physical post, but mailing lists can also include e-mail addresses too.

However, this is a basic, technical definition because mailing lists are so much more. First, it’s best to consider?

Do I need a mailing list?

It’s easy to think that marketing campaigns no longer need mailing lists thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However, a research study on marketing campaigns discovered that social media came second to direct mail methods in terms of return on investment.

Mailing lists offer many benefits that you simply can’t get from other marketing sources. For example, mailing lists enable you to target your audience based on a specific criteria. If you wanted to target a particular geographical location, mailing lists give you the information to send your campaign to the right people.

Mailing lists also allow you to contact your target directly. Consumers have access to e-mail constantly thanks to smartphone technology, and everybody has a front door and a doormat. Harvard Business Review found that 25% of those targeted by direct mail campaigns take action, while people respond to e-mail approximately 23% of the time.

How are mailing lists created?

Mailing lists can be compiled in a number of ways:

If you have an existing database of previous customers, you can use the information given previously to send new marketing material, either by post or email. This is a great way to promote repeat business. However, research has shown that existing . It is therefore extremely important to keep information up to date to optimise your marketing campaign.

  • To find new customers to add to your mailing list you need potential clients to sign up to receive your marketing campaigns. Promoting your company or services on social media does spread your reach, and can encourage new sign ups, particularly if previous customers recommend you. Special offers or giveaways in return for contact information is also an effective approach.
  • The fastest way to add new contacts to your database is to buy a mailing list from a specialist company. This ensures that the information is current so you are sending information to the correct email or postal addresses. Purchasing mailing lists can also help you to target the best group of recipients to ensure your campaign is successful.
  • Our are a perfect example of how you can make mailing lists work for you. You receive updated information on a monthly basis, giving you fresh contacts and therefore opportunities to reach out to new customers. These services can be customised so you receive mailing lists as specific as new businesses, brides to be, recently moved or upcoming birthdays.

Need more help?

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