Direct Mail versus Email Marketing

Which direct marketing method is most effective: traditional direct mail campaigns, or next generation email marketing? Direct mail is sent to businesses and consumers every day by a very wide range of organisations. Email marketing using opt in data is widely used, and growing more rapidly in popularity.

So what are the relative merits of each direct marketing method?

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is direct marketing at its most impactful. Your message lands right in the inbox of your recipient, your message can be personalised, and even targeted to individual recipients
  • Email marketing can be timed to the day, the hour and even minute, in order to reach consumers just when they are likely to make a buying decision
  • Email marketing can also be tracked in detail, even to the amount of people who open and read your email, or who forward it to a friend
  • Email marketing is more environmentally friendly, and has a far lower carbon footprint than other marketing methods
  • Email marketing can be more cost effective as it does not need costly mailing houses, production, postage and so on. However data costs can be higher and email campaigns require a broadcasting partner
  • Email marketing is highly effective in growing online sales for e-commerce sites: in just a few clicks the recipient can act on impulse and buy from your site

The Benefits of Direct Mail

  • Direct mailshots are a tangible and physical representative of your brand, which can be held in the recipient’s hands. A mailer with high production values can say much about your brand, just through its size, feel and texture
  • Direct mail is well established and proven as a marketing tool. Consumers and businesses are used to receiving marketing messages in the post, and are receptive to the message they convey
  • Direct mail can also be used to increase your online sales from your website: increasing numbers of mail order companies are finding that their catalogues are becoming increasingly effective at driving consumers online to order, instead of by mail or phone
  • Quality direct mail data is generally more affordable and more widespread, and does not come with fixed broadcast costs and fewer issues over compliance and the opt in procedure. The direct mail industry is also far more mature with a wider range of suppliers available
  • Direct mail does not have to fight its way through complex spam and junk mail filters used in many email programs

One fact is universal: any direct marketing campaign needs great quality data. For advice on sourcing the best list for your campaigns, contact us on 01304 383838.