What can PPC learn from direct marketing?

Looking at the two disciplines of PPC and direct marketing individually, what parallels, lessons or procedures can be applied from one to the other?

Whilst PPC and direct marketing have there obvious differences in being online and offline tools, they could be said to be cousins. In fact there is even an argument to say that PPC is just another incarnation of direct marketing. So what can each learn from the other?

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How Marketing Agencies can use Prospect Download for Free Market Research

Marketing agencies and consultants can research their client’s markets free of charge using Prospect Download, the online list portal from Selectabase.

Agencies and consultants are often called upon to research potential markets for their clients. Prospect Download from Selectabase can help you research markets down to an incredibly detailed level, completely free of charge.

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Direct Mail Making Efforts to Meet Environmental Concerns

The Direct Marketing industry is continuing to make efforts to improve its environmental track record through more efficient operations, accurate data targeting and use of recycled materials.

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Small Business Sector Receives Renewed Interest

Whilst the small business sector has been the often overlooked Cinderella of the UK economy, government and PLC’s are starting to realise the attractions of the sector, not least due to its potential value in wealth and job creation.

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Research Illustrates the Power of Consumer Birthday Spending

The British spend an estimated £1.6 billion on celebrating birthdays according to research from Mint.

We recently came across some statistics about birthdays in the UK previously published by Mint credit cards which aptly demonstrate just why businesses should be targeting consumers on their birthday.

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