Charities Driving Birthday Giving Using Direct Mail

Charities such as Cancer Research UK are pioneering campaigns designed to encourage potential supporters to ask for charitable donations on their birthday rather than gifts.

As reported on the website, the recent campaign by the cancer charity encourages people to mark their birthday celebrations by requesting charitable donations instead of gifts. Sarah Pickersgill, Senior Marketing Manager at Cancer Research UK, told that “Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are times for celebration and for giving presents, but they also provide an opportunity to do something generous and thoughtful at the same time – contributing to the fight against cancer.”

The campaign is great example of how birthday related marketing data could be used to drive innovative campaigns which are creatively targeted. For example other charities could adopt a similar approach; Birthday Mailings consumer data from Selectabase can be purchased on a one off basis to target, for example, female consumers about to celebrate their 50th birthday.

It will be interesting to see how many other charities test the same principle of encouraging alternative gifts on birthdays.

If you are interested in supporting the Cancer Research UK campaign, visit Fundraise at your celebration.