Smaller regular mailings can be better than a large campaign…

If you’re about to embark on a direct mail campaign it can be tempting to think big and mail a large sized list in one big hit to try and generate instant and impressive results. But there is much to be said for approaching direct mail in a smaller scale and more targeted fashion.

Rather than mailing your entire list in one go, sometimes it can be best to take it in stages, by mailing smaller segments from your list over a period of time.

  • Mailing individual segments gives you a better chance to target your message to each of those segments, rather than trying to communicate everything to everyone in one go. This could help increase the overall response rate from your campaign
  • Mailing in stages gives you more chances to test your mailing and experiment with different formats, inserts, designs and offers. For example you could even try handwritten envelopes which some say can increase open rates
  • Smaller mailings are easier to manage so you could handle them in house or in small batches using a mailing service like Create and Post from Selectabase, which mails your letters for you
  • Responses can be easier to handle if they are received in regular batches. If you sell a product pressure on fulfillment can be reduced or if you sell a service your staff will be able to spend more time on each enquiry and hopefully convert more of them

Selectabase can help you mail smaller segments in a number of ways. The Prospect Download online list service let’s you download small quantities of data as often as you like, for each individual mailing. Each time your data will be checked against previous downloads to avoid duplication and cleaned for accuracy. If you buy Prospect Download list credits in advance then you can also save the download fee for each order, bringing down the cost of your data even further.

Selectabase also offer a range of subscription packages for mailing lists which send you a targeted mailing list each month for you to follow up. Markets you can target with these packages include a list of new business start ups, brides-to-be or birthday data, all sourced from your local postcode area.

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