Aug 31 2011

Selectabase Launch Free Trials of Prospect Download Lists

New users of Prospect Download online mailing list service from Selectabase are being offered free trials of business or consumer marketing data. Anyone creating a new online account will now receive 50 free credits to try out the Prospect Download service. The list credits can be used to source and download some sample data from the business or consumer databases, to use in a sample direct marketing campaign.

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Aug 31 2011

Direct Mail Popularity Continues to Grow

According to the latest search trends from Google, interest in Direct Mail has grown to it’s highest level in 2011.

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Aug 30 2011

Create and Post Mailing Service Launched by Selectabase

Selectabase have responded to customer demand by launching a new direct mail fulfilment service called Create and Post. The service aims to offer a low cost and simple way to send mailing letters to Selectabase databases or any other mailing lists.

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Aug 26 2011

Make Me an Offer – Using Special Offers in Direct Mail

Sometimes the sourcing of a mailing list, deciding what to send and arranging fulfillment can all distract you from what offer you are actually going to include in the mailing.

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Aug 22 2011

Time for some Summer List Cleaning

In many business sectors things can quiet down during the summer period, making it the ideal time to carry out data cleansing on your marketing lists.
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Aug 15 2011

Working out the lifetime value of a new customer

When calculating the return on investment (ROI) of a direct marketing campaign it’s important to bear in mind the lifetime value of a client, not just the initial order value.

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Aug 11 2011

Direct Mail as part of a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

How does direct mail fit into a multichannel approach to marketing?

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Aug 08 2011

Why Direct Mail Will Never Die

We love this visual on why direct mail is holding it’s own in the digital age, as originally seen on The Agitator fundraising blog.
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Aug 04 2011

Latest Suppression Statistics Highlight Need for Data Cleansing

The latest figures for UK consumers and business which have chosen not to receive unsolicited mailing or phone calls highlight the need for businesses to screen and clean their data on a regular basis.

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Aug 01 2011

How Restaurants Can Boost Sales Through Mailings

Case studies show a direct link between direct mail and increases in restaurant visitors, according to a postcard printing company in the US.

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