Create and Post Mailing Service Launched by Selectabase

Selectabase have responded to customer demand by launching a new direct mail fulfilment service called Create and Post. The service aims to offer a low cost and simple way to send mailing letters to Selectabase databases or any other mailing lists.

Using Create and Post small businesses can send their introductory personalised mailing letter to their list for just 41p each plus VAT which includes colour printing, paper, envelopes, postage and fulfilment. A £25 set up fee per client also applies. The Create and Post team set up the mailing for the client including adding database fields into the letter.

The mailing service can be used to send letters to mailing lists of prospects and potential customers purchased from Selectabase, but can also be used to mail in-house lists of customers or data from other sources.

To send a mailing with Create and Post just contact the team on 01304 383838 or from Create and Post.