Selectabase Updates Prospect Download Mailing List to Include Mosaic 2009 from Experian

The Prospect Download consumer mailing list from Selectabase has been updated to enable list buyers to select and purchase lists online based on the latest Experian Mosaic 2009 selection criteria.

Prospect Download is an online service, where users can search for, order and download lists of consumers for use in direct marketing campaigns.

Experian’s Mosaic 2009 consumer classification identifies UK consumers using a three tier classification of 141 Mosaic person types, aggregated into 67 household types and 15 groups. Using Mosaic to identify and then select data helps marketing campaigns to achieve better targeting, greater effectiveness and reduce wastage.

Prospect Download users who select lists using Mosaic 2009 can access more categories, to help their lists mirror UK consumers more closely, and access more up to date categories to better reflect UK society and identify emerging markets and sub groups.

Mosaic 2009 features the very latest consumer classifications to reflect changes in society and gives users a comprehensive view of consumers now and in the future. For example the new classification is updated to include the ageing population, increased regional and ethnic diversity, and changes in household composition.

Other trends are reflected in Mosaic 2009 such as the growing numbers of the ever increasing ‘grey market’ of older people retiring to cultural cities or the shires rather than traditional seaside retirement resorts.

In addition to Mosaic 2009 classifications, Prospect Download also offers selection of mailing lists by Family Lifestage; a household level demographic segmentation showing the combined stage of life and family status (for example, mature families with children under 18, or young families with no children).

Additional advanced selections are available on Prospect Download by using Financial Strategy Segments; a person and household level segmentation developed to help financial services companies target their financial services products and services. Financial Strategy Segments classifies all adults in the United Kingdom into distinct financial lifestyle types which comprehensively describe their typical financial product holdings, behaviour and future intentions.

These advanced selection criteria are also available alongside the more popular consumer list selections including age band, gender, marital status, property tenure, household income and property value.

To access these selections visit Prospect Download, log in or register for free counts, then go to the Modeled Data section under Advanced Selections.