The Simple Way to Clean Address Data Collected on Your Website

If your website collects data on enquiries and customers, then what measures do you have in place to check and maintain accuracy?

Web forms have an inbuilt potential for user error or misuse which can lead to inaccurate data in your database. Then when you come to mail your website database, you run the risk of costly gone aways or low responses due to inaccurate addresses.

Implementing an online address verification process in your website to resolve this issue can be costly, complex without technical skills or support, and prove more time consuming for your website users to use.

The simplest method is to collect your data online, export your names and addresses into a file and check it on your PC desktop using the Easycheck data cleansing application before you mail anyone.

Easycheck can check your data for address accuracy, gone away addresses, bereavements, and screen data against the Mailing Preference Service.