What Mailing Shall I Send for a Direct Mail Campaign?

If you’re planning a mailshot or direct mail campaign, just what should you actually send – a brochure, letter or postcard? Read our tips on how to decide what type of mailing to send.

  • If you are mailing existing customers or contacts who are already familiar with your brand, then your audience will normally indulge you by reading a longer letter or brochure.
  • If you are selling a service then you’ll be used to the challenge of overcoming the intangible and so will probably need a longer or larger format mailer to explain all the features of your service.
  • Likewise if you are selling a fairly simple product, then a postcard or simple mailer with product details, features and benefits on it could suffice.
  • Do recipients need to respond by mail? If so your mailing will need to include space for an application or order form. If not, then you can just promote your phone number or website address on a simpler mailing.
  • If you are selling in a luxury or high value market, then you want your mailing to reflect this. You’ll need to use quality paper and print finishes which add a luxurious touch to your mailing.
  • Traditionally, direct mail experts advised including several different inserts into a mailshot to get the best response. However in the modern digital age attention spans have reduced even further, so a shorter snappier mailing may now yield better results.

In general, our team of direct mail experts usually suggest sending a well written, informative and persuasive letter in a mailing, then if possible follow up by phone. And if you really cant decide what sort of mailing to send, then test two different creatives.

If you need help writing a mailing letter use our free letter writing tool, and if you need a list for mailing check out our online list services.