Why you Should Resume Direct Marketing this September

Late September is a good to time to launch a targeted direct marketing to both business and consumer markets.

In many B2B sectors now is a good time to be contacting prospects about new products and services. Key staff or business owners have now all returned from holiday full of new ideas and an open mind: ready to hear about what your business can offer them through a direct marketing campaign.

In consumer markets there is a brief window of opportunity over the next few months before Christmas starts to loom large in the minds of consumers and spare cash gets spent on the festive season.

Many business owners and marketing departments may have had a close eye on costs recently, which has led to a more cautious approach to investing in marketing. Yet unless you invest in your business it won’t grow all on its own.

Even if you think you have plenty of work at the moment and don’t need to invest in marketing, who knows what is around the corner in these unstable times. You need to be prepared with a healthy pipeline of potential leads and prospects.

To help you, we can offer targeted business lists and consumer lists as well as new low cost mailing services.