Selectabase Launches Marketing Services for Beauty and Hair Salons

Small business marketing experts, Selectabase, have launched a new package of specialist services to help hair and beauty salons generate more business cost effectively and simply.

A new package of low cost salon marketing services has been launched to help UK hair and beauty salons promote themselves to potential new clients.

The services all use direct mail in a simple and accessible format, combined with high quality consumer data from Selectabase. No previous or specialist marketing experience is necessary to use any of the services: salons just need to send a flyer, special offer voucher or invite in the post to the leads supplied.

The package of marketing options for salons includes three main products.

Birthday Mailings from Selectabase is a unique marketing service which provides salons with a list of names and addresses of local people who are about to celebrate a major birthday such as a 21st, 40th, 50th. Celebrating a birthday can be a great excuse for some pampering, so salons simply mail their Birthday Mailings list each month with an invite, offer or even a birthday card.

The second salon marketing tool on offer is Recently Moved. This service works in a similar way to Birthday Mailings by providing a regular monthly list of new home movers into a salon’s immediate postcode area. The salon can then mail this list to let new movers know about the services on offer.

Finally, the Prospect Download Consumer service lets salons create and download their own bespoke mailing list online by using a range of different criteria to target exactly the right type of consumers such as where they live, the type of house they live in, how much money they have, their age or lifestage, family or work situation and so on.

For example a salon owner could download a list of women aged 45-54, with household income of 60,001 to 90,000 and no children, ready to mail with a special offer or invite. There is no minimum order and data costs start at just 10p each with pre-paid credits. Commenting on the launch of the package of services, a Selectabase spokesman said that “Direct mail is a great option for promoting hair and beauty salons because it can be targeted to the potential consumers who are most likely to respond, results can be measured and it does not require specialist marketing skills.”

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