E-mail Versus Direct Mail: Which is Better for My Business?

There are numerous marketing methods. And all of them have pros and cons. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business?

In this blog, we’ll put the two heavyweights of marketing: e-mail and direct mail: head to head to see how they compare.

E-mails: The technology enthusiast’s best friend

Keep in contact – Smartphone technology allows us to view our e-mails 24 hours a day. We are never far away from our inbox. E-mail marketing, therefore, can be sent and viewed at any time of the day or night.

Instant response – Once your audience has received your e-mail, they can immediately view your website or even making a purchase in seconds. This, in turn, means you can measure the success of your campaign relatively quickly.

Track your success – Having sent your e-mail, you can use software to analyse how effective it is. This can be measured through open rates, the number of links clicked through to your website or even conversions to purchases.

Wide reaching in seconds – Press send and your e-mail will be received in seconds. You can literally reach thousands of people just by clicking a button. Nothing compares to e-mail when it comes to speed.

Great for busy lives – Some people work with their inbox open all day, so they are already in your line of fire. Therefore, you can guarantee your e-mail will be seen by those glued to their screens.

Easy to share – At the click of a button your e-mail can be sent on to a family member or friends that might be interested. Your campaign is easy and quick to share amongst your target’s social network.

So with all these advantages, it would be easy to assume nothing else would come close to e-mail. However, direct mail is a longstanding method that can hold its own against the relative newbie???

Direct Mail: Tried and tested

Everyone has a letterbox – The big advantage of direct mail is that you can reach anybody. Some people don’t use e-mail, but everyone has an address with a letterbox.

The facts – People are more likely to open and read direct mail marketing than e-mail marketing, which explains why the return on investment is so much better.

The personal touch – Direct mail feels personal because it is tactile. Your targets can feel and touch the mail, so may feel a stronger connection. Recipients have to pick up mail that is posted through the letterbox, so you can guarantee delivery directly into their hands. They can even put it in their pocket or on the fridge.

Different formatting options are available – With direct mail, you can send so many different options. Anything from a postcard to a full catalogue can be sent directly to your target market. You have full control over how much or how little your potential client sees.

Pique curiosity with a mysterious envelope – By sending direct mail in an envelope, you can pique your target’s curiosity. If you pop a freebie into the envelope that makes it a peculiar shape, they will almost feel compelled to open it.

Get your product out there

You can use direct mail to send free samples to potential clients. This is particularly good as it allows customers to try before they buy. You will get your product into the homes of people that may not have bought it before they had a chance to try it.

Which way will you go?

Whether you prefer direct mail, e-mail marketing or a mixture of both, we can help at Selectabase. If your business needs a reliable source of new contacts, we provide local and national business and consumer mailing lists. For more information, contact us on 01304 383838 today!