New Improved Targeting for Prospect Download

Simple Selective Selectabase

A new improvement has been added to the the Prospect Download consumer direct marketing database, which can help reduce marketing costs, improve targeting and minimise wastage.

By linking with the most up-to-date and complete address database in the UK, users of Prospect Download lists can obtain more accurately addressed data, which helps reduce the financial and environmental cost of wastage, and helps prevent alienating recipients with inaccurately addressed mail.

Furthermore, additional cost savings can now be obtained as using PAF can also help maximise potential mailing discounts.

The new feature comes on the heels of a recently launched improved postcode targeting tool, which allows users to enter their chosen postcode then search for all postcode districts within a chosen radius up to a maximum of 30 miles. Rather than hunting through maps of your area, the new tool makes it fast and simple to identify your local geographic target area.

The consumer version of Prospect Download allows online users to build a list selection from over 34 million individuals by using a wide range of criteria; age, gender, income and lifestyle segment. All data is checked regularly for accuracy, and is screened against all the relevant suppression files.

Prospect Download offers free registration and free counts, and lists can be purchased on a Pay As You Go basis with no minimum order value.

To speak with a member of the Selectabase Prospect Download team call 01304 383838.